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10-7 Sunday - Thursday and 10-10 Friday - Saturday
1636 Copenhagen Drive
Solvang, California

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Whether you're looking for winemaker notes or you're ready to buy a bottle, start here to learn more about the exciting wines of Sort This Out Cellars. Wondering where to start? We make two different brands of wine. Our Sort This Out Cellars Rollers Reserve wines are small production wines made from some of California's finest wine grapes. Suited, our line of daily drinkers are fun wines that are well "suited" for all occasions and a great option for new wine drinkers.

If you're looking for something really unique, check out our two Legacy Collection wines, Cardiff Giant and VinoNostra.
New Arrivals Sort This Out Cellars Wines
New Arrivals
Check out our latest wine releases
Sort This Out Cellars
Rollers Reserves
Limited Production
Reserve Wines
Viva Las Vegas Wines Suited Wines
Viva Las Vegas Wines capture the golden age of Las Vegas. Buy a bottle and transport yourself back in time!
Great Daily Drinkers
Inspired by gentleman's playing cards from the 1940's and 1950's
VinoNostra Wines Cardiff Giant Wines
Legacy Collection
Limited Production
Reserve Wines
Cardiff Giant
Our signature Super Tuscan Inspired Blend
Named for an elaborate hoax from 1869, in Cardiff, New York
Red Wines White Wines
Red Wines
Explore our wide variety of Red Wines we produce under all of our unique brands.
White Wines
Enjoy a diverse selection of White and Rose Wines we produce under all of our unique brands.
Specials & Sales All Wines
We're all lookin' for the good deals. We've 'sorted them out' for you here!
Sort This Out Cellars has many brands in our portfolio. Shop from all our unique brands - Sort This Out Cellars Black Label, Viva Las Vegas, Suited, VinoNostra, and Cardiff Giant.