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Cardiff Giant , our signature Super Tuscan Inspired Blend, is named for an elaborate hoax from 1869, in Cardiff, New York.
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2012 Cardiff Giant - "Suckers Born Every Minute" Red Blend 2012 Cardiff Giant
Our Price: $42.00
Our Price: $42.00
Cardiff Giant - What a hoax! 2012 Cardiff Giant - What a Hoax!
*Members Only* Cardiff Giant is a Super Tuscan inspired blend of Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

The intense bright fruit flavors of the Sangiovese are balanced by the rich dark fruit characteristics of Cabernet Sauvignon. French oak aging adds subtle vanilla and toast notes that combine with medium body mouth feel, smooth tannins, and balanced acidity.
Cardiff Giant is a Super Tuscan inspired blend of Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. "Come One Come All" is a re-creation of a poster used to spread the word of the Cardiff Giant's discovery
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Have you ever stumbled upon something that at the time seemed to be just what you were looking for? And what about after some time has passed, was it even better than you originally thought? We think we did just that with Cardiff Giant wines.

A few years back, after moving to wine country from the hectic pace of Southern California, we decided we knew a little more about wine than we did before and wanted to put together a blend we could call our own. We would hand it out to some friends and mostly just goof on ourselves. The plan was set, the blend was done and now we needed a name.

We tossed around a lot of names – most not even worth mentioning here. As we contemplated, we passed the time by reciting lines from one of our favorite movies, Made. Then it hit us – Cardiff Giant. In a scene from the movie Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn are sent to New York by their mobster boss. Their boss tells them that there will be a car service waiting for them at the airport to take them wherever they need to go and take care of whatever needs they may have. All they have to do is mention to the driver Jimmy...."Cardiff Giant". That was it! We now had a name but, what in the world was Cardiff Giant? We Googled Cardiff Giant and what we found was masterful.

It turns out that in 1869 while digging a well on a farm in Cardiff, New York, laborers unearthed a strange figure of mammoth proportion. After careful excavation, the remains of a 10’ 4'' primordial figure was revealed. Visitors traveled miles and miles to Stubby Newell’s farm and paid 2 bits to see the petrified figure that would eventually become known as, The Cardiff Giant. It even caught the attention of showman P.T. Barnum who offered to buy the Giant for his traveling show.

In time, it was revealed that the primordial man was actually a fake that had been carved out of gypsum and buried on the farm by Stubby Newell’s cousin, George Hull. It all was an elaborate hoax, contrived by Hull, an atheist, who had recently argued with a minister about a passage in the Bible that stated that there were Giants who once lived on Earth. Newell and Hull had already made $50,000 on this giant hoax. (Pun intended!)

It was all too perfect. The biggest hoax in American history was now our hoax as well. We hope you’ll enjoy discovering our Cardiff Giant wine, the same way we enjoyed the journey it took to get it to you.

  • In 1870, Mark Twain wrote "A Ghost Story" in which the ghost of the Cardiff Giant appears in the hotel room in Manhattan to demand that he be reburied. The Giant is so confused that he haunts Barnum's plaster copy of himself.
  • In 1871, L. Frank Baum published a poem titled "The True Origin of the Cardiff Giant" in his private newspaper, The Rose Lawn Home Journal, vol. 1, #3. 
  • George Auger, a Ringling Brothers circus giant, used the stage name "Cardiff Giant". He was to act in Harold Loyd's 1923 comedy film Why Worry?, but died shortly after filming started, sparking a nationwide search for a replacement.
  • American Goliath by Harvey Jacobs is a 1997 novel based on the Cardiff Giant.
  • The 2001 film Made contains a fictional agency named Cardiff Giant.
  • The giant is mentioned in From A Buick 8, a novel by Stephen King.
  • Cardiff Giant is an alt folk-rock band formed in Bloomington, Indiana, in 2002.
Fun facts provided by Wikipedia

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