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12-7 Monday - Thursday and 10-10 Friday - Saturday
Sunday 10-7
1636 Copenhagen Drive
Solvang, California

Our Wines and Merchandise
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2008WINECLUB   "The List" Cellar Club Membership
2010HolidayMerlotCase   2010 Holiday Red Wine Case
2011 Late Harvest Dolcetto   2011 Late Harvest Dolcetto
2007CDG   2012 Cardiff Giant
CardiffGiantSuckersBornEvryMin   2012 Cardiff Giant - "Suckers Born Every Minute" Red Blend
PetiteSirahEdenEve   2012 Petite Sirah "Eden Eve"
Sabina Kelley Cab Sauv   2012 Sabina Kelley Cabernet Sauvignon
2015MIllieMichelleCab   2015 "Suited" Millie Michelle Cabernet Sauvignon
2015SUITEDSANGO   2015 Suited Sangiovese
Sabina-Kelley-Pinot-Noir   2016 Sabina Kelley Pin Me Up Pinot Noir
2016ZinCity   2016 Zin City Zinfandel
2017ScarlettePinotGrigio   2017 "Suited" Scarlette Saintclair Pinot Grigio
BettieAtBatMerlot   Bettie Page "At The Bat" Merlot
BunnyRose   Bettie Page "Bettie Bunny" Rose
BunnySangiovese   Bettie Page "Bettie Bunny" Sangiovese
BettieBrideSauvBlanc   Bettie Page "Bride" Sauvignon Blanc
DashingBettieCab   Bettie Page "Dashing Through The Snow" Cabernet Sauvignon
BettiePageHalloweenWineSet   Bettie Page "Halloween" Wine Set
BettieValentineSangiovese   Bettie Page "My Sexy Valentine" Sangiovese
NaughtyListPinotGrigio   Bettie Page "Naughty List" Pinot Grigio
PrivateBettieMerlot   Bettie Page "Private Bettie" Merlot
PrivateBettiePinotNoir   Bettie Page "Private Bettie" Pinot Noir
PrivateBettieWineSet   Bettie Page "Private Bettie" Wine Set
BettieWitchingHourTuscanBlend   Bettie Page "Witching Hour" Super Tuscan Blend
BettieZin   Bettie Page "Zinfully Yours" Zinfandel
BettiePageCabernetSauv   Bettie Page Cabernet Sauvignon
BettiePageHolidaySet   Bettie Page Holiday Wine Set
BettieMulledWineCase   Bettie Page Mulled Wine Case
BettiePageRumSnapbackHat   Bettie Page Rum Snap Back Hat
Bettie-Page-Tiki-12   Bettie Page Rum Tiki Mug 12
Bettie-Page-Tiki-7   Bettie Page Rum Tiki Mug 7
Bettie-Page-Tiki-8   Bettie Page Rum Tiki Mug 8
BettiePageWineClub   Bettie Page Wine Club Membership
BonnieRose   Bonnie Valentine Syrah Rose
DreamingofBettiePinotNoir   Dreaming of Bettie Pinot Noir
LeidGlass   High Roller Tiki Lounge "Lei'd" Zombie Glass
KaneStyleTikiMug   High Roller Tiki Lounge Kane Style Mug
MermaidTikiMug   High Roller Tiki Lounge MERMAID MUG
TikiGlassGreen   High Roller Tiki Lounge Tiki Glass GREEN
TikiGlassRed   High Roller Tiki Lounge Tiki Glass RED
HolMullCase   Holiday Mulled Wine Case Special
HolMullSet   Holiday Mulling Spice Set/Mulled Wine
2010HolidayRedWine   Holiday Red Wine
JungleBettiePageCabernetSauv   Jungle Bettie Cabernet Sauvignon
FrozenAssetsMerlot   Millie Michelle "Frozen Assets" Merlot
MissFluffBottleSet   Miss Fluff 4 bottle set
MissFluffBottleSetNoBox   Miss Fluff 4 bottle set bottles only
FluffDessert   Miss Fluff Dessert Wine
FluffRose   Miss Fluff Mermaid Rose
FluffCabernet   Miss Fluff Rockabilly Cabernet
FluffMerlot   Miss Fluff Tiki Merlot
BottomsUpRose   Miss Ruby Darlin' "Bottom's Up" Rose'
OMG-2014   Oh My Gosh Grenache - 2014
NoPeekingSangiovese   Pepper Mint "No Peeking" Sangiovese
RubyChampagne   Ruby Champagne Sparkling Wine
RumRumMyDarlingShirt   Rum Rum My Darling Shirt
GFT100   Sort This Out Cellars $100 Gift Card
GFT200   Sort This Out Cellars $200 Gift Card
GFT50   Sort This Out Cellars $50 Gift Card
GFT75   Sort This Out Cellars $75 Gift Card
Boxing-Tshirt   Sort This Out Cellars Boxing t-shirt
Soda1   Sort This Out Vintage Soda Pop - Birch Beer
Soda7   Sort This Out Vintage Soda Pop - Cola
Soda3   Sort This Out Vintage Soda Pop - Cream Soda
Soda6   Sort This Out Vintage Soda Pop - Lemon Lime
Soda4   Sort This Out Vintage Soda Pop - Orange Cream
Test1234   test33115
Trucker-Style-Tiki-Hat   Trucker Style High Roller Tiki Hat
VLV17CollectorsBottle   Viva Las Vegas 17 Collectors Bottle
VLV19CollectorsBottle   Viva Las Vegas 19 Collector's Edition bottle
VLV-20-Anniversary-Bottle   Viva Las Vegas 20 Anniversary Bottle

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